18th Sunday Ordinary Time

18th Sunday Ordinary Time

Vol.5 No.47 DoM E Message

Spiritual Gift of the Week
We pray for the grace to overcome attachments that lead us away from God.
Let us order and redirect our lives toward salvation.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners.

Spiritual Instruction of the Week
Simplicity and love orders and directs our lives to God.

Dear Beautiful Daughters of Mary,

Last Saturday morning my precious grandson Zachary was baptized at Sacred Heart Chapel on the Bay of the Holy Spirit in Point Clear. The chapel is lovely. It’s simplicity is enhanced by the beauty of Mobile bay. Our family celebrated the simplicity and sacredness of this occasion. The Rev. Paul G. Zoghby delivered a simple and perfect homily:
“God gave Moses 10 commandments,” Fr.. Paul said, “10 laws for living—holy, simple and straight-forward. Then, the Mosaic law was instituted and the 10 commandments turned into 613 regulations. Jesus came however, and he simplified divine law once and for all. Jesus gave us the one commandment to love——love God and love your neighbor. It is simple counsel from Our Lord—teaching us a sacred and simple way to live as family.” Fr. Paul ended his words: “ We complicate things, but God has a way of making things simple…love one another.”

Dear beautiful Daughters of Mary, I cannot think of better instruction for us this week. Let us seek the holy simplicity of love. Let us seek God. Let us pray…

During the long days of summer, life seems to slow down. Because of the heat, we seek to simplify our lives, because we tire more easily. Let us pray and remember however the words of Pope Francis written in The Church of Mercy: “Today I ask you in the name of Christ and the Church, never tire of being merciful.”

Veni, Spirito Santo, la misericordia di Dio ci salva—Come Holy Spirit, it is by God’s mercy that we are saved,

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