22nd Sunday Ordinary Time

22nd Sunday Ordinary Time

Vol.5 No.51 DoM E Message

Spiritual Gift of the Week
We pray for the grace to pray with a humble heart.
Mary, our Mother, tells us that God looks with favor on those who are humble.

Spiritual Instruction of the Week
Humility brings us close to God.

Dear Beautiful Daughters of Mary,

We do not often consider the link between psychology and spirituality. On Tuesday however we were pleased to welcome Dr. Elise E. Labbé-Coldsmith to reflect upon this theme. Dr. Labbé is a licensed clinical psychologist and chair of the Department of Psychology at the University of South Alabama.. She is wife, mother, grandmother, writer, lecturer, and spiritual director. Those of us who know her well have witnessed her deep faith, as it weaves through her life, both professionally and personally.

Dr. Labbé’s insights were interesting, informative and thoughtful— and in a positive way—even challenging. She called us to reflect upon our prayerful relationship with Jesus, from the standpoint of how we think and feel as women. We were moved to consider the fragile, feminine connection between love of self, true humility and prayer.

Dr. Labbe, thank you for gently and joyfully reminding us to be focused and thoughtful about Gospel spirituality. Your invitation to us to become gentle and joyful toward ourselves and others, and most importantly, joyful and generous with God in prayer, will not be forgotten. We are deeply grateful for your wisdom and your willingness to share with us. As Lindsay Nagy said in her wonderful introduction, we appreciate your ‘beautiful mind and beautiful words.” Please pray for the Daughters of Mary. Know that we will pray for you. May God continue to bless you and your family as you teach and practice psychology. Let us pray…

To pray with humility brings us close to God. The first step is to open our hearts to self knowledge. Do we want to see ourselves clearly? Are we willing to admit our own sinfulness? Do we admit our need for God? Do we accept our limitations? If we say yes to these questions we are moving toward humility. If we open our hearts to God’s love and mercy, even as we see our selves clearly, we are humble.

We are not perfect. Our prayer will not be perfect. If we try to be perfect in prayer, this is a sign of pride and arrogance. As Pope Francis said in January, “Arrogance will keep our prayers from reaching God, but the humility of the poor in heart will throw open the doors to His mercy.”

Veni, Spirito Santo, la misericordia di Dio ci salva—
Come Holy Spirit, it is by God’s mercy that we are saved,

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