Meet the Daughters of Mary

The Daughters of Mary (DoM) began at St. Ignatius Parish in Mobile, Alabama on September 6, 2011. It was formed in response to the need and desire of lay Catholic women seeking a deeper, more meaningful spirituality. The group, which now has 6 chapters in the Archdiocese of Mobile and  four chapters in the states of California, Texas and Washington state, has welcomed over 400 women for weekly prayer, reflection and renewal. The format is designed with a reverence for the Marian tradition and respect for the needs of contemporary women.


The Daughters of Mary Mission

The mission of the Daughters of Mary guides and directs the hour of prayer and discussion.

  • Prayer: Spiritual formation in the Marian tradition
  • Reflection: Insight into the meaning of the Gospel for contemporary women
  • Renewal: Creating a culture of faith for family, Church and community




The Daughters of Mary Weekly Message

Daughters of Mary offers an opportunity for women to take their place at the table of God’s word.  The last ecumenical council, gathering bishops from around the globe, exhorted Catholics to learn their faith and make it their own.  How can we do this if not through a profound meditation on Sacred Scripture, particularly the Gospels narrating the life of Our Lord?  We began Daughters of Mary with this end in mind.

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