The Daughters of Mary Art Initiative—-“Beauty and Holiness—Unveiling a vision”

In 2012, the Daughters of Mary Art Initiative (DoMA) was established as a way of worshiping the Lord through the beauty of sacred art. DoM member artists transformed the Marian Center at St. Ignatius Parish in Mobile with exquisite works of art and iconography.

Sacred Art is visually appealing, engaging. It energizes us spiritually; it motivates us to pray; to act, to be hopeful, to think eternal—that is it’s purpose. St. John Damascene defended and favored the veneration of sacred images, holy pictures, statues and icons. He said, “The beauty of holy images moves me to contemplation as a meadow delights the eyes and subtly infuses the soul with the Glory of God”.

Sacred art speaks to us; it speaks to our hearts. It sends a message. It preaches the Gospel without words. It portrays sanctified forbearers. It evokes within our hearts the hope of holiness. Like a family photo of loved ones on earth, sacred art reminds us that we have family in Heaven. When we see an image of the Blessed Mother or a painting of a saint, it prompts us to ask for their prayers and to recollect their holiness.

Artists who revere the sacredness of their craft, portray their subjects in an objectively beautiful manner, so as to glorify God, our Creator. As St. John Paul II said, “Art must make perceptible and as far as possible, attractive, the world of the spirit, of the invisible, of God.”

The Daughters of Mary Art Initiative speaks to all of us, as artists, as viewers and prayerful participants, as Daughters of Mary, and as a Church community. It’s intent is to move our hearts and lift our minds, that we may seek and find in art, a deeper, closer connection to our Lord, through portraits of holiness.

All works of art are available as prayer cards. View the DoMA cards here. Contact 

Mary Anne Trovato