Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi

Vol.5 No.38

Luke 9: 11-17

May 29, 2016

By Anna Luce

This passage, rich in meaning and covering a myriad of aspects of the  “Body of Christ” recounts

the multiplication of the Loaves and the Fishes.  It takes the people of God from WANT to

PLENTY.    The lesson for us is to recognize the difference between what we WANT, (what we

pray for), and what we ultimately NEED,  (for our salvation and life eternal).

Apart from the Resurrection, the Loaves and the Fishes is the only miracle recounted in

all four Gospels. It recalls previous miracles from the Old Testament and foreshadows the

sacramental miracle of the Eucharist. Taking place in Bethsaida, a fishing town on the North

shore of the Sea of Galilee, hometown of Peter, Andrew and Philip, its connected by the theme

of God’s kingdom as the ultimate  GREAT FEAST.

The MOST spectacular, gracious, glorious and lavish feast– –  As we may say (in the

south) about a gorgeous Wedding Reception, being “out of this world.”

Picture this contrast, —From the modest Messianic Banquet, The Last Supper, and all

the wonder to follow for the Disciples, to this incredible miracle, The Loaves and Fishes—-

With obedient fortitude In following Christ,  the disciples experienced scarcity and wonder

to lavish abundance and hope realized.

Before it happened, (in verse 12),  “The day was drawing to a close,” another translation

in which we can sure relate  (the disciples) “Began to wear away.”—

They were (physically) in a lonely and deserted place, (Likened  to where we may find

ourselves at times in our lives).    Verse “Jesus spoke to the crowds and he healed those who

needed to be cured.”  Here we might ask, when we pray, if with regard to healing, and we know

healing comes in all forms.   Of course it's what we want, but isn't it up to our Good Lord to

bring forth the healing in His way and in His timing?  He knows what we need and when we

need it.

Jesus was very specific in his communication to the disciples, "Have them sit down in

groups of about fifty.”    As Jesus was specific, He was also deliberate with His plan for the

people.  Hence,  the disciples were obedient.

Recalling just this past Sunday, the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, the reading from Paul's

letter to the Romans, (is one most favorite passages):  "Boast of our afflictions, knowing that

affliction produces endurance, and endurance proven character, and proven character hope, and

hope does not disappoint.”

Our call is to TRUST, knowing that while the ultimate healing, the goal of our faith,

namely  THE SALVATION OF OUR SOUL,  may not appear to be fulfilled,—WE can look

forward knowing the Ultimate Feast , enjoyed in our Eternal Home. will be “LAVISHLY OVER

THE TOP, ” as in the close of this passage:   "They all ate and were SATISFIED.”

MOVING FORWARD, and after the miracle was performed, " the leftover fragments

were picked up, they had a gracious plenty, twelve wicker baskets.”   I’ll close with this


What do our twelve wicker baskets look like? Are they barren, or all they being shined up,

freshly painted in preparation– As we live in trust that our wants and needs/ our affiliations

turn into healing, and in anticipation for our ultimate hopes to be fulfilled-  May our baskets of

abundance be our blessings multiplied !

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