The Birth of Jesus

The Birth of Jesus

Vol. 6, No. 16.5
Daughters of Mary
20 December 2016
Emily M.O’Neill

The Birth of Jesus

Thank You, Lord, for coming into our world – stepping down to be a human child. As I go into the cave – Your birthplace – there is very little light – but when You are born, a new kind of light begins to shine. There is dampness in this place. As I look at Joseph and Mary, the warmth of their love takes away this chill and dampness.

As I settle in, waiting for Your birth, I lay down using a rock as my pillow. You are the rock I will cling to for the rest of my life.

I hear Mary telling Joseph “It is time” – the most important time in history – the redemption of all mankind is to be born.

This is the beginning of a long journey for You, but only thirty-three years.

Thinking of the present time, there are so many aids for a woman giving birth. Here in the cave there is nothing – only the sheep, cattle, and donkey to give their breath for warmth. The cattle represent the sacrifice of the old law. The donkey will carry you on several journeys of great importance. The sheep – lamb – represent You, the perfect sacrifice for our sins.

Mary, you had to go through the pains of childbirth, just as any other woman! The pain of the birth of the infant, Jesus, was nothing in comparison to the pain of your heart that lay before you – the walk with your Son from birth to the cross.

As the cry of Baby Jesus rings forth, it tells us I AM here to save all of mankind. Rejoice! All is well. By My life, death and resurrection, you have a means back to Our Father.

As You are laid into the feeding trough of the animals – this represents the body and blood that will feed the souls of all who come to believe in You.
You are laid down as a baby – later You are laid down in a tomb that will not be able to contain You – defeating death in order that the tombs of mankind cannot hold them captive. Rejoice my soul, I too have been set free.

At Your birth, the angels sang a song of praise. The shepherds came to honor You. The three kings found what they were searching for, bringing gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. – Gold – the most precious material gift they can give to You of this world. The frankincense – representing the prayers of praise, rising up to the throne of Your Father. The myrrh – the ointment to be used in preparation of Your body for burial.

I too come to You in praise and thanksgiving, giving my heart and soul to You for a place of rest – The gold of my spirit still being refined by the power of Your spirit – my incense rising to the heavens are my prayers of thanksgiving – my myrrh is the ointment of Your spirit preparing me to come home to my Father.

Each year as the scenes of the birth of the Baby Jesus flow through my mind, the eyes of my spirit see deeper and deeper Who has been born into this broken world. Thank you each and every person who makes this gift come into being.

This year I desire that the stable of my soul be swept clean, warm, and cozy for my Lord and Savior. Amen.


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